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Weekly Specials

Red Head Model

FREE Facial with Lactic Peel

Unveil a fresh and radiant complexion with our revitalizing Lactic Peel & Quick Fix Facial. Our skilled estheticians will pamper you with a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, soothing mask, rejuvenating massage, and finish with SPF protection and nourishing serums. Experience the ultimate skin transformation at Femme Fatale Beauty Salon.

LED Light Therapy

Experience the power of LED Light Therapy Facial for glowing, youthful skin. Our advanced treatment uses gentle LED lights to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and even out skin tone. Relax as the soothing lights work their magic, leaving you with a rejuvenated complexion.


Eyelash Lift & Tint, Eyebrow Lamination & Tint

Elevate your look with our eyelash lift and tint, and eyebrow lamination wax and tint services. Get stunning, lifted lashes with a pop of color, and perfectly groomed, defined brows that frame your face flawlessly. Let our experts transform your features for an effortlessly gorgeous look

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